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Management Consulting

Your business is bubbling with potential – if only you knew how to unleash it! Enter The Paragon experts. Acting as a sounding

Business Start-Up

Got a great idea for a new business, but zero idea how to launch it? Get Paragon in your corner. We know all the legal


At Paragon, we’re a little obsessed with detail. So when you choose us to complete your audit, you know you’ll get

Selling a Business

Thinking of selling a business? For some, it’s nothing more than a strategic transaction. For others, it’s an

Farm Accounting

Own a farm? When it comes to profit yields, it can be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. That’s because managing

Estate Planning

Like handing down the keys to your beloved E-Type, your estate deserves to be passed on to someone who will

Strategic Planning

Where do you see your business heading in the next three to five years? Chances are, you’ve been so snowed under at work

Software Solutions

It’s a data driven world out there. For modern businesses to survive and thrive, you need to be tech savvy.

Cash Flow Forecasting

As a modern business, it’s hard to know when to make the big moves. If you don’t have the cash, you can’t make a splash.


Frivolousness is not great business – that’s why setting a strategic budget just makes sense (and dollars). At Paragon, we’re here

Acquisitions & Mergers

So, you’ve decided to buy a business… Can you spot an earner from a burner? Paragon can. We make the entire process


Your business is your passion. But unless you sell calculators, chances are that crunching numbers doesn’t exactly push your


You’ve heard of the expression ‘keeping up with the Joneses’? In the uber competitive business world, it pays to be a nosy

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